Nocturnal’s Shooter is a Sense 3.0 ROM for the original HTC EVO 4G based on the stock EVO 3D Gingerbread build. As there are no more Gingerbread OTA ROMs for the EVO 3D, this is considered to be the final release of this branch of the ROM.

Nocturnal’s Shooter comes with significantly more than the stock EVO 3D did. It ships with a2sd integrated, the Amaze cam mod, Sony’s xLoud and Bravia engines, the advanced power menu, working HTC Hub, full GPU render, and much more. Several pieces of bloatware have been chucked, and overall the ROM should be the most complete and functioning EVO 3D to EVO 4G port out there.

It ships with stock, Ca1nes Classic, and Underworld SBC kernels. You can also select Chad Goodman’s AnthraX kernel, which it probably should not come with, as his kernels generally require registration to obtain.

It’s a neat looking piece of work and I hope that Team-Nocturnal is working on porting the ICS stock EVO 3D ROM over as well, since that would be pretty cool to see.