Since Sense 4.0 was released, we saw a near-complete loss of functional multitasking, and phones that shipped with it that were more powerful in every way paled in comparison to rooted older phones. Developer Zeppelinrox has released a mod that theoretically works on all Sense-based ROMs from Froyo to Jelly Bean to put multitasking in an awesome state.

This is not a flashable mod yet, and requires jumping over a few hurdles to replace some system files. If you’re not comfortable making nandroid backups and using ADB shell or a terminal emulator, this is not something you want to deal with just yet. Let the ROM developers incorporate it first, or wait for a flashable mod for your ROM.

The developer claims that, in simplest terms, the mod is just changing the background process limit from 15 to 70, which stops the needless task killing that goes on behind the scenes.

This mod should work on all Sense 4.x devices; however, I can only comment on the HTC EVO 4G LTE side. So if you’re trying this on anything else, please tread carefully and report your experiences.

In case I have not stressed it enough, make a nandroid backup before you start. It’s quite possible to put your device in a state of bootloop goodness, and it’s better to spend ten minutes making a nandroid that you’ll never use than 40 minutes installing a new ROM while cursing my name.