Team D.I.R.T. has released version 1.8 of an unofficial Android Open Kang Project ROM based on the Android 4.1/Jelly Bean code for the CDMA/Sprint HTC EVO 3D.

I haven’t been covering too many Jelly Bean ROMs for the HTC EVO 3D for the simple reason that while they are all amazing pieces of work, there still is the underlying problem of missing hardware functionality. In this particular ROM, the hardware issues are lack of a camera, 3D-anything, and 4G/WiMAX.

This build of AOKP still looks pretty impressive though, and as soon as the camera and radio functionality are worked out, I think it will probably be leading the pack of EVO 3D Jelly Bean ROMs.

Version 1.8 of this work adds the CMX Quick Message MMS app, adds a kill-all feature in recent applications, and adds the long press back to kill option. While Agrabren’s 4G/WiMAX fix is out there for JB ROMs, it has not been incorporated into this build yet.

I personally wouldn’t consider anything without a working camera as a daily driver, but if you want to see what I think will be the leading EVO 3D JB ROM once it gets the camera and other kinks ironed out with Google Now, this is it at the moment. I am pretty impressed by what D.I.R.T. has got running on an underlying framework that’s not yet complete.