If you’ve used CyanogenMod, TouchWiz, or HTC Sense for any amount of time on an Android device, then you are probably familiar with the idea of notification area settings. These toggles appear in the notification pulldown, and are used to access frequently used settings such as WiFi, GPS, screen rotation, and even the device’s LED flashlight. However, even with the release of Android 4.1.2, stock Android still doesn’t include the feature. Fortunately, according to some digging done by Android Police, it appears that the next Android version (Android 4.2) may finally feature notification area toggles.

This assertion is based on an image found in the SystemUI.apk from Android 4.2, as well as the video above. The image was found while doing an “apk teardown,” and when Android Police asked their source for more information, they returned the video above. From the video, which is supposedly of the LG Nexus, it is clear that the image is a placeholder in a second notification drawer. After pulling down the initial shade, another pull down gesture reveals the settings. It may seem awkward at first, but with left and right gestures being used to¬†dismiss¬†notifications and an upward gestures used to close the notification bar, another downward swipe is the only option.

If the image is indeed correct, then it seems that quick settings for things like WiFi and GPS mentioned above will fill the space, perhaps even with detailed options thanks to the extra space. Most custom ROMs integrate the quick toggles into the top of the notification bar, but the extra screen leaves the notification shade uncluttered while allowing room for more settings. I’ll be interested to see if Google does implement this feature in Android 4.2, and also to see how well they make use of the extra space.

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