I think it’s safe to assume that every smartphone user, regardless of platform, enjoys free games. And what’s even better is when paid apps go free for a period of time – which is exactly what developer Vlambeer did with its hit Super Crate Box.

The game is currently free on Apple’s App Store for today only. The reason? Today is Super Crate Box‘s second birthday, and to thank its many fans for two years of huge success, the app is being given away for one day.

The game is simple, yet highly addicting: you play an orange fellow who runs around, shooting up baddies with whatever weapons he finds. The weapons are found in crates, hence the title of the game. Combined with smooth, retro 8-bit graphics and an 8-bit soundtrack to go with them, Super Crate Box is a true delight to play for a few minutes or even a few hours.

And today, instead of being sold for $0.99, it’s absolutely free. If you own any iOS devices, be sure to download it before the day is over!

Download: iTunes

[Vlambeer via The Verge]