In case you don’t like the current color options for the HTC One S, or you just would have liked to see greater storage options, then you’re in luck: HTC has just released a special edition white One S that has 64GB of internal storage. In all honesty, it now looks like a slightly-smaller but otherwise-identical twin to the One X.

But what’s the catch? Well, right now, it’s only available in Taiwan.

I’d imagine that this device will probably show up on eBay soon (with a significant premium placed on top of the price), but HTC hasn’t said anything definite yet about official availability outside of Taiwan.

Other than the white body and the increased internal storage, this One S is the same as the 16GB regular version: it’s got the same¬†1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, the same 1GB of RAM, and and the same 8MP camera with the ImageSense chip. It’s also still on Ice Cream Sandwich, but we’re expecting Sense 4+ and Jelly Bean to be released any time now.

[HTC via Android Central]