Pocketables has been connecting with fans for a while now on both Facebook and Twitter, but we have to admit that we were a little late to the Google+ party (come on, we’re not the only ones). However, that’s all about to change – we’re now on Google+, and we’re actively keeping our page updated with content straight from Pocketables.com, one of the best places to keep up with news, reviews, and commentary on gadgets and tech.

And for our devoted Good and EVO readers who like to filter out stories from the rest of Pocketables, don’t worry – G&E is now on Google+, too.

What this means is that – whether you like to spend most of your time on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ – we’ve got you covered. And with Pocketables on Google Currents, we also offer an easy way for mobile readers to keep up with all the stories we publish each day, whether you’re on Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you add us to your circles soon!