If you’re going on a trip anywhere, packing media is one of the last things people usually think about with a smart phone. Unfortunately, this can lead to realizing when you sit down on a plane or arrive at your camping destination that you’re no longer going to have anything to watch due to cell signal. YoutubeDownloader, however, can allow you to pack away some YouTube videos to watch later.

The installation is straight forward and simple: download and install the APK. Find videos on YouTube you want to save for later, click Share, and share via YoutubeDownloader. Your downloaded videos will be waiting for you in the Download folder.

There are three options for how you want to save the downloaded video – low, medium, or high quality, but beyond that it’s about as simple as can be. You’ll need to use the stock video player or a file management tool to locate the videos, but they look quite good and are far better than not having anything to watch while you’re stuck without signal.

YoutubeDownloader is free, although if it works for you, consider tossing the developer some coin to keep his car running.

If you give it a try, let us know how it works for you.¬†Alternately, if you’ve got an application that works better for you, let us know, too!