There are a plethora of cloud storage services available to you. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, SugarSync, and a number of other companies already offer fantastic cloud storage services, most of which can be used for free with a relatively small amount of storage.

But usually, it was the hardware and software provider that ran the services. Today, AT&T bucked that trend by announcing AT&T Locker, a brand-new storage service for AT&T subscribers. It can be used for free, and AT&T will give you 5GB of storage for the all the files that you’d want to store in the cloud. You can also pay AT&T to get 30GB or 100GB of storage, as well.

The app also functions as an automatic media uploading tool, as you can set the app to automatically upload your photos and videos when they are taken.

At this point, only Android phones and iPhones will work with the service, as AT&T is only providing those users apps at this point. It should be noted that you can manage your files from any PC or Mac, too, though it is unclear if you can use the service strictly from your desktop computer.

The app is compatible with iPhones dating back to 2009’s iPhone 3GS, and Android phones with Android 2.1 or higher.

If you’re an AT&T subscriber – and you have a compatible phone – I recommend signing up for the service and downloading the app to get your 5GB of free storage.

Download: iTunes

Download: Play Store

[AT&T Locker via MacRumors]