Along with being a great way to catch up with friends and family that you may or may not care for, Facebook is also starting to be a fantastic outlet through which to claim deals from a number of companies. Depending on how many companies you have “liked,” there is likely a deal or two to be had through Facebook at all times.

Today, T-Mobile took advantage of Facebook’s Deal service by posting a deal for its variant of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. The deal is actually quite a great one: for the rest of today and tomorrow, T-Mobile is practically giving away with the signing of a two-year contract the newest member of the popular Galaxy S family, by way of a mail-in rebate card.

Upon further research, I found that this deal applies to all Samsung 4G smartphones on T-Mobile’s network. You can see the entire list of phones that are covered in this deal through the T-Mobile source link below, but alongside the Galaxy S III, T-Mobile is also offering last year’s Galaxy S II and a few other Samsung 4G handsets.

If you decide that now is the time to pick up a new 4G-enabled T-Mobile smartphone, let us know in the comments!

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