Update: The dispute has been resolved, and CyanogenMod.com is back in the hands of the rightful owners. The original piece follows.

It’s a long and interesting story you can read in full over at the temporary (or perhaps permanent) new location of CyanogenMod, while you’re waiting for them to reclaim the CyanogenMod.com domain name and services. The highlights of it include a web presence provider using the CM name to set up web deals, impersonating the creator of CyanogenMod, and demanding $10,000 for the domain name to return it.

The CM team will get the domain back eventually, as they own the trademark, but ICAAN disputes can take some time. I’m sure there will be also be legal repercussions against the web provider for the dirty dealings, impersonation, and fraudulent business dealings, but in the short-term all emails address to CyanogenMod.com addresses will bounce, forums have been moved, and there is great unrest as the old links no longer work.

If there are any more updates to this, I’ll be on them later. In the meantime, since the person holding CyanogenMod.com hostage is evidently not a particularly upstanding person, you might want to beware of going there as they might end up redirecting the traffic someplace not quite safe for work or your computer.

And this right after a stable release for the HTC EVO 4G LTE.