A while back, I reviewed the iPad version of Super Hexagon, a wonderfully-made game with a fantastic soundtrack, stunning visuals, and absolutely stellar gameplay. Currently, Super Hexagon for iPad costs $2.99 on the App Store – a perfectly reasonable price considering the amount of time the app will take away from you.

But if you don’t own an iDevice, you likely haven’t experienced the thrills that come from playing the game. Luckily, developer¬†Terry Cavanagh has finally released the Mac and PC version of Super Hexagon on Steam – and is currently celebrating the release by selling the app for just 66% of the original price, which makes the Steam version cost only $2.00.

This is a complete port of the iOS version, meaning that all the levels and the amazing, Chipzel-produced soundtrack are all included. If you’ve been itching to play the game due to your lack of an iDevice, but you own a PC or a Mac, then hit up the source link below to purchase your copy.

[Steam via TUAW]