Possibly one of the most useful file types for Android power users and ROM enthusiasts is the flashable .zip. These packages can contain all kinds of different apps, files, information, tweaks, and ROMs, and installation is as easy as selecting “Flash .zip from SD card” on your favorite recovery.

However, one process that hasn’t been so easy is restoring backed up apps from Titanium Backup. In the past, the process when installing a new ROM required many steps. First, it was necessary make a Titanium Backup of the apps that you want to keep, then reboot into recovery, make a Nandroid backup, clear data, and install a new ROM. After that, users had to boot the new ROM, log into a Google account, and download the Titanium Backup app if it wasn’t included in the ROM. Finally, it was possible to restore the apps that were backed up in the first step.

Fortunately, the developer behind Titanium backup has taken notice of this problem, and just released an update that eliminates many of the steps above. With the latest version of Titanium Backup, it is possible to easily make a flashable .zip file of any apps that have been backed up, which can be flashed through recovery. This means that once you go through the trouble of making the backup and .zip, restoring all the apps is as easy as flashing one more package while still in recovery.

This new feature should make switching ROMs frequently much more painless, and certainly makes the process simpler and faster. So, while Titanium Backup may not be the best looking app out there, I think it is safe to say that the developer is certainly on top of things from a features standpoint.

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