Windows Phone 8 is a great improvement over its predecessor, due in large part to new additions like the redesigned Start screen, more powerful hardware capabilities, and a whole host of new features. There are, however, a few aspects of the OS which may not be readily apparent. One of the best examples of this is Word Flow.

Word Flow is a fantastic hidden gem which intelligently predicts which word you will want to type next. This is based on common word usage scenarios, as well as your own usage patterns. Here’s how it works: Normally, Windows Phone’s autocorrect functionality displays a list of words as you are typing, allowing you to quickly tap one to make a correction. But in Windows Phone 8, the OS will suggest possible new words after you insert a space, rather than simply display a blank autocorrect bar. The result is something that works quite well and adapts to you over time, even going as far as to suggest slang and custom words.

For example, typing “The” will, in my case, display “hotel,” “first,” “8X,” “Hilton,” and more. Having just arrived home from a trip where I stayed at the Hilton and used my new Windows Phone 8X by HTC handset, these suggestions are highly relevant. Ignoring these and typing “quick” shows “brown” as the first result. If you were to continue to choose the first suggestion, you’d eventually end up with “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

It might be difficult to discover the existence of Word Flow, but once you start using it, it’ll quickly become an invaluable resource; one you’re sure to rely on for even faster writing.