For the entire time that it’s been available, the iPhone 5 has been incredibly hard to get in a timely manner. Stores sold out of stock as quickly as it took for customers to hand salespeople their payments, while internet-based sales sold even quicker. As a result of the high demand, shipments of the device were delayed by up to a month.

Thankfully, as more people began to receive their iPhones, less people demanded them, bringing a fresh supply of newly-produced devices for people who weren’t so lucky and had to wait to order the flagship iDevice. Within the past few weeks, estimated shipping times have reduced drastically until today, when the Apple online stores in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand starting showing almost all models of the iPhone 5 in stock – the only exception being unlocked devices in the US store.

Other countries are still showing shipping times of one to three days, but stock should start to equalize with demand in the coming days for them, too.

If you want an iPhone 5 and live in one of the five countries that currently have it in stock, hit up the source link below to get your order in.

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