As Chromebooks grow in popularity here in the US (the new Samsung Chromebook is currently the best-selling laptop on Amazon), others around the world have been growing impatient at the lack of availability and difficulty involved in getting one’s hands on the Chromebook. Luckily, consumers in the UK can now buy Chromebooks and Chromeboxes online and in-store at various Dixon’s PC World & Currys locations throughout the country.

This was announced recently on the official Chrome Google+ page, with a side note that Chromebooks are also accounting for a whopping 10% of laptop sales in these stores. Given the fact that many critics have dismissed Chrome OS right off the bat as unable to compete with the likes of Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s OS X, this is interesting news indeed.

To find out where you can look at a Chromebook in person, simply head over to Google’s official Chrome UK site and input your zip code. There are also links to buy your Chromebook online, through Amazon, Google Play, or PC World.