AT&T’s FaceTime troubles started late last year when the company announced that only users of its Mobile Share plans would be able to access the iOS video-chatting service over cellular, effectively leaving in the dark the millions of other customers who hadn’t signed up for the new plans. A little while later, AT&T changed its claims and said that all owners of LTE phones on any tiered data plan would also have access to FaceTime on the carrier’s network – but that still left out customers who hadn’t upgraded to a newer handset.

Thankfully, AT&T has done a complete about-face on the issue and today announced that, over the coming weeks and months, all users of FaceTime over cellular-compatible iOS devices will be given access to the feature on AT&T’s networks. That’s right: you won’t have to spend outrageous amounts of money on any Mobile Share plan, nor will you have to pony up some cash and buy an LTE handset – if you’re an AT&T customer, you’re going to be able to use FaceTime over cellular when the rollout is complete.

The announcement comes from AT&T’s senior vice president of voice and data products Mark Collins on AT&T’s Consumer Blog, where he had only good things to say about AT&T’s hesitation to provide all its customers with FaceTime access on its networks. After writing about AT&T’s FaceTime “testing” and praising its decision to open access to everyone, Collins went on to say that the rollout will begin in the next couple of weeks, with the rollout being completed within a matter of months.

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