Do you like Swype’s accuracy, but miss the ability to use the Google’s voice input? Do you long for the predictive next-word selection that Swiftkey has? Do you want to use iOS 6’s emoji input on your Android? This isn’t just a pipe dream, as the Kii Keyboard brings the best features of other keyboards into one amazing little free application.

While you are required to enable the Swype and Google voice input features, once you do, the keyboard is the perfect blend.

Kii Keyboard also pops up instantly on my HTC EVO 4G LTE. Other keyboards, like my beloved Swype, seem to like making me wait when I want to do something. It’s nice and fast, and makes me feel like I’m not waiting for no reason.

There are several layouts you can choose from, skins that should match most flavors of Android out there (you can also make your own), 34 languages, the option to force arrows or numbers or both to always be visible, and tons of other features.

Kii Keyboard will eventually have both a free and a premium version, but right now, all the premium features are available in the beta, so it’s probably a good time to check this out to see if you’d be willing to pay for those features later on.

Download: Google Play