Way back in October when Google announced that it would be holding an Android event later that month, I expressed my hopes that we would see an update to the Nexus Q saga that had been going on since Google I/O.  That date came and went, and nothing was heard about the Nexus Q. Then, the Q was removed from the Google Nexus page, which caused me to predict its eventual removal from Google’s product lineup.

Since then the product page has remained stagnant on the Play Store, but today, people across the internet began to notice that the Nexus Q’s status on Google Play had changed ever so slightly. Instead of the previous “This device is not for sale at this time,” it now reads “Nexus Q is no longer available for sale.” This change, however slight, does make it sound less like the Nexus Q will be coming back eventually and more like the product won’t ever make a return. In addition, it is also the text used for devices like the Galaxy Nexus and 8GB Nexus 7, which are no longer for sale but still listed, presumably for support purposes.

Interestingly, Google responded to these claims earlier today with the statement, “We don’t have anything to share re: Nexus Q at this time. The messaging is still true from our announcement in July that we listened to the feedback and the team is hard at work.” While I’m sure this is true, it gives me the impression that Google is currently working on a replacement for the Nexus Q, not refining the current Q.

I don’t doubt that Google will release another device to bridge the gap between Android devices and HDTVs this year, but I don’t think it will be the Nexus Q that we have seen so far. I think it more likely for a combination Google TV/ Google Play streaming box or completely redesigned Q to be announced, although a significant rework of the current Q is still technically possible. Of course, I don’t really care whether Google releases an orb or a box, I just want something that can become a CyanogenMod TV for all my content needs.

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