The Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn’t the only Nexus device that has been found running webOS – we can now add the ASUS Nexus 7 onto the growing list of phones and tablets that are running the once defunct and now open source OS, formerly by owned exclusively by HP. As an alpha build, it’s not very functional right now, but is still pretty cool nonetheless.

Right now, it appears that WiFi, the web browser, the keyboard, brightness controls, and gesture features are all working as they should. Audio and hardware acceleration are a bit wonky, though. Apparently, the developer was able to accomplish this port in under a week while home for Christmas break, so I’m very interested to see what will come of this in the very near future.

Between Android, Chromium OS, and now webOS, Nexus 7 owners certainly have no shortage of choices when it comes to operating systems!

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