BlackDome V2.2 is a custom kernel for the original rooted HTC EVO 4G running Jelly Bean. It brings a host of CPU and IO governors to the device, and although BlackDome doesn’t particularly appear to be an overclocking/undervolters dream, it does bring stability and choices that are lacking in the AOSP OG EVO Jelly Bean arena at the moment. It also brings the SavagedZen, badass, lagfree, AssWax, smartassV2, conservative, userspace, powersave, Lionheart, ondemand, and performance governors to play.

For a phone that’s been discontinued for over a year, to have more than one kernel that supports the latest version of Android is impressive – to me, anyway.

The kernel currently works for several of the OG EVO AOSP Jelly Bean ROMs; however, not all of them appear to work without problems, so your mileage may vary. This is the first kernel offering from the developer TroNit, and it appears to be a good one, at least from what I’ve played with it on Evervolv’s latest nightly for the Supersonic. While I said it may not be an overclocker’s dream, I have overclocked it using Evervolv’s settings, but did not really see any improvements.

There are currently two separate builds for Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and 4.2.1, so make sure you know which version you’re running. BlackDome V2.2 is for 4.2.1, and v2.1 is for 4.1.2.