Sprint released its Q4 2012 results this morning, and it actually doesn’t look too shabby. Its net revenue rose 5% year over year, its wireless revenue rose nearly 15% and is at the highest it’s ever been, and its postpaid revenue increased 5% over levels in 2011, with postpaid additions up 18% and at the highest they’ve ever been.

But what about Sprint’s ailing network, which seems increasingly overloaded and sluggish lately for so many people?

According to Sprint, live Network Vision cell sites almost doubled in last three months. LTE has now launched (or partially launched) in 58 cities, with almost 170 more cities expected to launch in the next few months. New construction has started in more than 450 cities, over 19,500 sites are now ready for construction, and more than 8,000 sites are live now.

But in spite of these rose-colored numbers, we are seeing lots of people becoming disillusioned with Sprint. It seems that most of Sprint’s postpaid growth is mainly due to the iPhone (more than 6.6 million iPhones were sold on Sprint in 2012, 40% to new customers), and many long-time Sprint customers who have stuck around through the growing pains simply can’t take it anymore. (Come back and look at the comments section of this article in a few days to see what I’m talking about.)

What do you think of Sprint’s results? Are you excited for the future, or already shopping around for a new carrier?