Ubuntu’s countdown has ended, and in spite of late night speculation yesterday that HTC would be releasing a Ubuntu tablet today, it turns out that was just a pipe dream. There’s no reason to be overly disappointed, though, as Ubuntu has promised a unique touch-optimized tablet version of Ubuntu that will be unveiled February 25 at Mobile World Congress.

So far, Ubuntu is promising a one-of-a-kind multitasking tablet experience, multiple secure user accounts, full disk encryption for data protection, “magic edges” for easier navigation using the side of your screen, voice control, a bunch of new apps, and much more.

You can get all the details at Ubuntu’s new tablet site (linked below), but I should just say that this looks pretty sleek and downright amazing – and this is coming from one of the biggest Android fans on the planet. Depending on what OEM partners Canonical is able to bring to the table, I may have to rethink my next tablet purchase – but I’m not making any promises quite yet.

In any case, this is definitely something we’ll be keeping our eyes on over the next few weeks – even if it’s not the HTC tablet we were all hoping for.