ClockworkMod Superuser has exited the beta stage and is now available on Google Play as a completely free, fully-featured Superuser app.

When CWM Superuser was announced, one of the big changes over existing Superuser appss was PIN protection. It’s also completely open source, so there’s no question if the application has hidden bugs or intentions, and it also features manifest permission support, the ability to properly handle multiuser on Android 4.2+, support for ARM or x86 devices, and per app configuration.

SuperSU by Chainfire, largely considered to be the Superuser to use for the past year, quietly made some changes on Sunday, probably in response to everyone seeing “free awesome new free features free free” in relation to CWM Superuser. It added a checkbox on its settings page to enable all pro features without purchasing.

Enabling this gives you the OTA survival mode, color coded logging, per app logging configuration, grant/deny root to an app for a set amount of time, PIN protection, and per-app PIN protection if you want to lock down different apps for different users.

What’s really cool about the SuperSU pro features is the ability to force a user onto an app with a root request. Those who want the ability to define their own root user accounts and manage security will probably love this option, as you can create a near super user with no access to data you don’t want it to have. That, however, will take a bit more skill than just installing a program.

If you check the box and end up loving the features, SuperSU pro is $2.49, which is paying someone for an excellent program exactly $2.49 more than not paying them would cost. Seriously, if you’re going to pro, consider buying it and support people who put a lot of effort into developing these things.

Both Superuser apps work perfectly from what I’ve been able to tell, and both are available for free from Google Play.

ClockworkMod Superuser:

Download: Google Play

Chainfire’s SuperSU:

Download: Google Play