In HTC’s effort to turn the company around, and bolster its image in the mind of consumers, it has decided to drop its “quietly brilliant” tagline. According to Benjamin Ho, HTC’s new Chief Marketing Officer, the company has decided to turn up the volume and utilize a bold new advertising strategy.

No one is quite sure what this new strategy will be, but most speculate that the company will focus more on traditional advertising that will emphasize all of the features of the new HTC One that make it stand out. This would be in contrast to HTC’s most recent campaign, aimed at the Samsung Galaxy S4, which dubbed the phone “the next big flop.”

In any case, one thing is sure: we should expect a lot more ads from HTC, as the company has increased its digital ad budget by a whopping 250%, and its traditional market spending by 100%.

Now, if only HTC could do something about those delays that seem to be plague almost each and every major phone launch recently.

[Android and Me]