HTC CEO Peter Chou has put his job on the line, and promised to step down if sales of the HTC One are not successful. This is according to company insiders, who state that Chou made this risky commitment late last year in a closed-door meeting with other HTC senior executives.

This risky promise also comes in the wake of news that HTC has been downgraded among its suppliers; in other words, the company’s troubles have caused its own suppliers to give it a second look and reduce its importance in comparison to, let’s say, Samsung. Apparently, this downgrade among its suppliers is the ultimate cause of that UltraPixel shortage we told you about earlier this month.

In any case, at least Peter Chou isn’t acting like other CEOs, sitting back and accepting huge paychecks while the company crumbles around him. Since he made this promise, he’s got more motivation than ever to make sure the One succeeds. Unfortunately, now that developers, suppliers, and even many regular consumers have turned sour about HTC, Chou has certainly got a big uphill battle ahead of him.