It isn’t new for Microsoft to make fun of its competitors, but the latest Windows Phone commercial from Redmond takes the cake – literally.

What starts out as a peaceful wedding turns into a giant Apple versus Android battle with two Windows Phone users standing off to the side and asking: “Do you think if they knew about the Nokia Lumia, they would stop fighting all the time?”

The Nokia Lumia 920 remains Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone since November 2012 with a slogan of, “The world’s most innovative smartphone.” Spotlight features of the device include inductive charging, a PureView camera, a curved Gorilla Glass IPS display, and a touchscreen that can be used even when the user is wearing gloves.

Whether you like Windows Phone or not, the commercial is a hilarious minute of fun, and you should take a gander at it below.

What do you think – will advertisements like Microsoft’s latest attract more users to the platform?