Most people have probably forgotten about WebOS, Palm’s failed attempt at building a beautiful touchsreen smartphone OS. Of course, the eventual failure of WebOS doesn’t mean that it didn’t get a few things right, namely the card-style interface. In addition to the wireless charging, the more natural interface was one of the big selling points of Palm’s devices.

While you can’t currently get the exact WebOS card interface experience on an Android device, there is one very simple app that makes the Android 4.1+ interface look ever so slightly more WebOS-like: RoundR. The extremely simple RoundR app has the sole purpose of rounding out the corners of Android’s interface, and while the tweak is simple it does change the interface’s look quite a bit.

The app itself is what you see in the center screenshot, and that includes all the settings. You can start the app at boot, show or hide the notification, and adjust how much black space there is at the corners. Other than that, there isn’t anything else to adjust, since the app doesn’t do all that much. The one flaw I see is that it doesn’t round the lockscreen or the notification bar, but other than that this app has a simple purpose that it fulfills quite well.

It may be because I used a Palm Pre for a very short time before getting a Motorola Droid, or perhaps it is because I used a similar screen rounding feature in previous versions of CyanogenMod, but I quite like this very simple tweak. It certainly isn’t for everyone, and may look odd on lower resolution devices, but I think the change actually compliments my rounded square custom icon theme quite well. RoundR doesn’t do much, but I like what the app does and it does it well. Since it is free and doesn’t even require root, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and see if the rounded interface grows on you.

Download: Google Play