Floating NotificationsFloating Notifications is an application that simplifies your notifications on your Android device. No longer do you need to swipe down to view notifications and then swipe left or right to dismiss them – a simple little popup floats over whatever application you’re in and notifies you when an event has happened.

This can be useful in some apps and games that lock the status bar away from you, or if you’re simply getting bored with swiping down to dismiss the notifications. You can also get, see, and dismiss a notification just by tapping or double tapping, which speeds things up quite a bit.

The pop-up button that Floating Notifications shows can be moved, dismissed, or re-sized if you want to. Notifications can be dismissed, reordered, or closed with a simple tap or two. Double tapping the circle will clear the notifications.

More notifications bring more circles. I haven’t been able to get enough notifications in to see what a screen looks like that’s overrun with them, but at some point the notifications will most likely go from useful to useless, although evidently there are options for grouping.

Floating Notifications can be enabled after installation under accessibility in the settings. The application should take you there during the first run, but if it doesn’t, it’s Settings > Accessibility. For me, I received a phone call during initial setup, which necessitated me locating this info.

Floating Notifications can be downloaded from the development link on XDA below. It’s a really neat little application and continues to solidify my love of all things floating.