Almost one month ago on May 15 of this year, Google launched its new music service through Google Play, Google Play Music All Access. With this service, Google offers a Spotify competitor that allows user to pay a flat monthly subscription fee and receive access to all kinds of music on demand. So far, Play Music All Access has been fairly popular (we certainly liked it), and Apple has also introduced a similar service along with iOS 7.

However, although Google has done a very good job of implementing the streaming music service, it still isn’t for everyone. I signed up for the free trial on May 17, and as I’ve mentioned in the forum, I do enjoy having access to all sorts of songs instantly, but I simply don’t listen to enough music on a regular basis to justify the cost of the subscription versus buying individual songs. As a result, I decided to cancel my subscription before being charged in a few days.

For everyone else who may have signed up for the free trial on or within a few days of the announcement, this should serve as a reminder to decide if you actually want to continue to use the service before you get charged a fee. One thing to keep in mind when making the decision is that the $7.99 per month price is promotional, and only applies to users who sign up before June 30. As such, if you do want to buy and continue using Google Play Music All Access, you should try to do so before the price increases to $9.99 per month.

Regardless of whether or not you wish to sign up for or cancel a Google Play Music All Access subscription, now certainly seems to be the time to make a decision. I’ve made mine, since while I do think Google has done a great job with the service and integrating it into Google Music, subscription music services of any kind simply are not for me.