C Spire wireless logo

If the prospect of an HTC One on Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, or even Verizon isn’t appealing to you, then you now have one more option: C Spire Wireless. The regional carrier will carry the HTC One in all of its retail stores and through the company’s telesales department for the standard $199.99, with a new two-year contract that includes data services.

C Spire plans with data range from $80-100 for single lines, with second lines available for each plan for $50 a month. All include unlimited talk, text, and web, with the $80 plan restricting online video streaming to 30 minutes. The $100 plan provides unlimited video streaming.

It’s great to see the HTC One made available on yet another carrier, as this is really how all phones should be. Rather than picking cell service based on which carrier has the phone you want, consumers should be able to shop for the carrier that actually provides the best coverage. This hasn’t always been an option in the past, but HTC’s latest moves make this more possible now.

Are any of you picking up the HTC One on C Spire Wireless?

[C Spire via BusinessWire]