Motorola Moto X

Heads up, Pocketables readers: right now, Dell is having a sale that allows you to buy the Motorola Moto X off-contract for just $205.99. That’s a savings of $374 – and all you have to do is buy it through Dell’s website. While you can’t customize the Dell offering using Moto Maker, it is a 16GB model in either color; and the best part is that it’s 100% off-contract. No signing of a contract is necessary – just put your payment details into the website and get your cheap Moto X.

The Motorola Moto X is the first phone that was released by Motorola while under the control of Google, and it utilizes a number of great software features and a relatively stock Android experience because of that.

Let us know if you snag this deal before it’s too late: earlier today, Amazon listed the Motorola Moto X for a similar price, but the deal has since been pulled. I confirmed that the phone listed on Dell’s website needs no contract through AT&T with a friend who was ready to buy as well as the representative you see in the picture above.

Update: The deal is now dead. Hopefully some of you were able to take advantage!

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