OK Google extension

Now that Google has gotten us all used to shouting, “OK, Google!” at our phones throughout the day to get information or perform basic tasks like dialing out or sending texts, the hotword is making its way to Chrome OS and the desktop Chrome browser by way of an official extension.

Google Voice Search Hotword is listed officially as a beta for the moment, but it functions perfectly in my experience. Simply install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, allow it access to your device’s microphone, and off you go. From now on, whenever you open a new tab or navigate to google.com, you will be able to simply say, “OK, Google!” and search for anything using just your voice. In many cases, Google will speak back an answer, just like it does on your phone, and many of the same Easter eggs work, as well. (For example, ask “When am I?” Or command Google, “Make me a sandwich.”)

Check it out at the link below.

Download: Chrome Web Store