Sense 5 SinnerDeveloper Sinistertensai has entered the Sense 5 ROM publisher world on the HTC EVO 4G LTE with the release of Sinner LTE 1.0 / ROM Minimal.

The ROM is a Sense 5.0 port running on top of Android 4.1.2, based on top of Sun_Dream and Captain Throwback’s Sense 5 ports. Unfortunately, I’m unable to play with this ROM today to see what is neat, nifty, and new about the thing, so I’ll hope some of you can let our readers know what’s under the hood, since there aren’t many changes listed.

Having been running Sense 5 ports for the past couple of months, if you’ve been waiting for stability in the base ROMs, we probably reached the point a month ago at which it’s pretty much as stable as it’s going to be.

When flashing a Sense 5 ROM, make sure you get a good nandroid backup of all the partitions of your current ROM, including android_secure, data, boot, and system. If you have any weird issues after flashing, such as it claiming you need a password to decrypt the SD card contents, see this post.

Anyway, should any Pocketables readers get their hands on this, let us know how it works and I’ll sit and envy people with the ability to download more than 80MB without a disconnect.