Sprint One Up cancelled

After only four short months, Sprint has officially cancelled its One Up early upgrade program. Sprint launched this program last September in the wake of T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon all launching similar upgrade programs as a way for customers to upgrade their handsets in the middle of their contracts and finance the device payments over an extended period of time.

Sprint also differentiated itself by offering One Up customers a $15/month discount off their monthly service – this might have been a slight nod to T-Mobile, which more openly separates its monthly service plan from its device payments.

If you recall, T-Mobile was the first major carrier to such an upgrade program (T-Mobile JUMP!), and Sprint was the last. Now, Sprint is the first to axe this plan, as well. Sprint is directing customers who were interested in One Up to look at the carrier’s new Framily plans, which offers annual upgrades to those who pay an extra $20/month for unlimited data.

[Sprint via The Verge]