Google Drive add-on

Big news for Google Drive fans: Google announced earlier today that Google Docs and Google Sheets now support add-ons from third party developers. This has the potential to increase the usefulness of Google Drive exponentially for people like me, who have migrated to the platform full time and use it professionally for work-related documents and spreadsheets.

Some of the add-ons that immediately stuck out to me include:

  • Avery: Finally, Google Docs users can more easily print out address labels and nametags.
  • EasyBib: Students can insert sources into their papers with the EasyBib add-on, without having to navigate to another webpage. Why was this not available when I was writing my master’s thesis?
  • HelloFax: Send your current document as a fax. Enough said.
  • Merge by Mailchip: Send flashy, customized emails from Google Docs, with each recipient addressed by his or her name. That’s really cool.

There are dozens of more, so go to your Drive, create a new document or spreadsheet, and check out what’s available. Power users, rejoice!