htc-logo-smallWith HTC, it seems that things are either going really well or really bad. Lately, things haven’t been so hot for the Taiwanese manufacturer, even if we’ve occasionally seen some vague signs of things possibly turning around for the company.

The latest news? Not so much.

HTC has announced its unaudited February 2014 revenue figures, with consolidated revenue  of  NT$7.2 billion (around $238 million) for the month and NT$16.9 billion ($558 million) year to date. These may sound like healthy numbers on the surface, but taken in context, they show a month-on-month decrease of 25.29%, and a year-on-year decrease of 36.45%.

All this as HTC readies the launch of the all new 2014 HTC One. As some analysts have pointed out, if HTC wants to hit its first quarter goarls, it will need  at least NT$17.1 billion in March. That’s still doable, but will be very challenging, especially given the heat from the competition (i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S5).

The new HTC One is expected to be released at the end of March.