iphone 4s

Many of you voted in last week’s poll to determine which phone would be drowned, only to be brought back to life with Reviveaphone’s phone-reviving kit. The poll is closed; the results, in, and over half of you (56%!) voted to kill Apple’s iPhone 4S.

The kit is currently on its way to me. When it arrives, I will begin the test and film the iPhone’s demise for your enjoyment.

The test will go something like this: I will submerge the phone in water until its display shuts off, at which point I will assume it is dead. It’ll be taken out of the container and thrown into Reviveaphone’s solution for seven minutes immediately thereafter, per the company’s instructions. The final step will be to let it dry for a period of 24 hours in the provided tray.

Reviveaphone recommends turning the phone off as quickly as you can after it comes into contact with water, but I’ve seen many phones die when they are submerged for a longer period of time. We have to make this test as accurate to the real world as possible, right? That means there is less of a chance that the iPhone will come out unscathed – but we’ll try it anyway.

Keep your browsers locked on Pocketables in the coming days. It’s about to get fun.