iphone 4s

After I found out that the initial 24-hour drying period hadn’t fixed my soaked Apple iPhone 4S, I took Reviveaphone’s advice and waited another day for the device to dry out.

When the iPhone still didn’t turn on, I decided to wait a few more days before I tried again. Although highly unlikely, it was certainly possible that some solution was overstaying its welcome inside the device.

Today is Thursday, exactly one week after the iPhone’s swim – and it still won’t turn on.

I’m not disappointed that my iPhone 4S is dead; I went into the test fully expecting that the kit wouldn’t work and I’d be out one iDevice. But that doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed in the company: Reviveaphone still hasn’t responded to my request for a comment regarding the blatant misinformation they list on their homepage, nor have they apologized that the kit didn’t work. In fact, I haven’t received any correspondence from the company since I asked for a review kit.

In other words, I told them that their kit didn’t work for me and that their site is a bit misleading to customers, and I have been ignored. And for that reason alone, I can’t recommend that anyone buy this kit.

I would’ve recommended the kit, despite my results, had Reviveaphone been more responsive to what I feel is a serious issue on their part. The company promises to reimburse your $25 if the kit doesn’t work; and it should be noted that many other publications have had success, so there’s really nothing to lose on that front. But based on their treatment of the situation I brought up to them, I can do nothing but write this final review to ask that you take your money elsewhere.