I’ve been playing with Android L practically all afternoon and evening now, and I wanted to briefly point out exactly how the Settings app has been revamped, as well.

As well all know by now, Google is moving away from its dark holo theme, and the Settings app is no exception. The app has a nice, clean light theme, with a new greenish/blueish color for headings and icons. There are still remnants of the old style that remain, though – just saving to NFC & more Mobile networks, and you’ll see the old style again. Google will hopefully get some of these inconsistencies worked out before the consumer release later this fall.

One thing I really like is that, when you put the phone in landscape mode, the settings options move to form a nice grid – that’s an effective use of screen real estate.


Perhaps my favorite new feature is the ability to search within settings, just like Chrome OS users have been able to do all along. For example, look at everything above that a simple search for WiFi will bring up!

Overall, I’m really liking Android L. There’s even more than I haven’t mentioned yet, but I need to get some sleep – I’m only human! Be sure to post your reactions and opinions in the comments and keep the conversation going!