chrome-logoChrome is slowly starting to take over the world, and depending on who you are, that’s either a really really good thing (Google) or the most terrifying thing ever (Microsoft).

Regardless of how you in particular feel, Google announced today that Chromebooks would be available in nine more nations, including New Zealand, the Philippines, Norway, Denmark, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

Even more awesome is the fact that Google made the announcement in poem form:

Chromebooks are easy to share, manage and use,
With lots of shapes, colors and sizes to choose.

Stay safe with your data stored in the cloud,
A smart pick like Chromebook will make your mom proud.

When Chromebooks in these countries alight,
We hope our new global friends find some computing delight.

You can check out the full poem, written by David Shapiro (Director of Chromebook Marketing and Occasional Versifier) at the source link below.

Welcome to Chrome!