Zoe-Google-Play-screenshotHere’s a bit of unexpected news for your Tuesday evening: HTC appears to be separating its software business from its hardware business, as the Taiwanese company plans to offer Zoe to non-HTC devices as early as this week.

Zoe is HTC’s custom video app that can capture a short burst of video and images at the same time. These can then be compiled into 30-second video clips, with a soundtrack and unique theme. Zoe also functions a social hub where other people can contribute to your projects by adding their own media.

Zoe has been a big hit with HTC users, and there’s no doubt that HTC’s software team has worked hard on this particular feature. That’s why it’s so exciting that HTC plans to open it up to more devices, although it will launch as a limited beta at first.

Even more exciting is that HTC plans to launch other software projects in the near future, as well, although no one is saying exactly what. In any case, if all goes according to plan, perhaps some non-HTC users might give the company a second look after experiencing how awesome HTC software can be.