Amazon October BundleThere’re $115 worth of free apps on the Amazon Free App of the Day program today, so just go over there and grab them.

Some of the highlights include Plants vs Zombies (two versions, not sure what’s up with that,) Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, Plex Media player, World of Goo, Visible Body, the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Boxer Pro, and around 28 others.

There were a few things that have previously appeared in the FAOTD, but overall the list of games and misc apps is pretty impressive, so go over and give it a look before the free apps are gone (which in a bundle this size, they seem to run for a couple of days, but better safe than sorry).

Also, it’s my understanding that if you’re not an Android user but are considering becoming one some day in the future you can purchase these without ever having activated the Amazon App Store app. I may be wrong on this, but if you ever end up with an Android and want any of these, they’ll be waiting if you get them now.

Have fun and let us know which one’s your favorite if you get a chance!