To sum this up quickly, the Kanex GoBuddy+ is a large bottle opener with an eight to ten inch Apple MFI certified Lightning Cable or MicroUSB built into it (although different model numbers).

    If you’ve travel with a power hungry device and have to keep it charged at all times, you’ve probably taken to carrying around the device, a charger, and the accompanying cabling. The Kanex GoBuddy+ was designed to take one of those spots and provide some extra functionality in the form of a bottle opener.

    While some of you have been opening your bottles with your Loggerhead kickstand/bottle opener cases, there hasn’t been much in the way of charge cable/beverage technology blending that I’ve played with until the GoBuddy+. I got a chance to play with the Apple version of the product, but the Android version appears to be the same specs.

    I don’t hate it, but I don’t particularly like this product, and here’s why:

    It’s pretty big and thick for what it does coming in at around three inches long and ~70mm thick it feels like small smartphone when sat on. While the manufacturer has included a carabiner to attach it to belts, bags, etc., you’re then tethered to that if you want to open your favorite bottled beverage.

    The cables, while they tuck away, tend to  loosen up with or without use. If you’re pulling it from a pocket, you might be dragging the cable ends end through your pocket lint. Not a product-killing problem, but it takes part of the neat aspect and loses it.

    I get that the length is probably for leverage on a bottle, but the thing is extra thick with nearly as much plastic and metal devoted to holding the cable in as there is cable, if not more. I wouldn’t have much of a problem of the extra plastic f it kept the cable heads secured in, but it doesn’t on the unit I have.

    It’s an interesting concept, but I think something like a ChargeCard with a bottle opener built in would be a better way to go.

    For sizing contrast (right image), I’ve included a picture of a credit card sized bottle opener next to the GoBuddy+.

    Overall, if this were a $5-12 product I might think “hrmm, that’s ok if that’s your sort of thing, might make a nice gift,” but coming in at $24.95 for a very short cable, a bottle opener, a carabiner, a name that sounds like a portable urinal solution, and coming in at about the size of small brass knuckles, I’d pass.

    On another note, as a bottle opener it is pretty good, and as a sync/charge cable it does what any cable should. Together it’s fine for a less expensive product.

    The Kanex GoBuddy+ Charge/Sync cable is available from Amazon in black, white, Android, and iPhone flavors for $24.95.