About a month ago, we reported that Google Voice had finally expanded its MMS capabilities beyond Sprint and T-Mobile customers to over 100 carriers in the US and Canada. Notably absent from that list, however, was the largest US carrier: Verizon.

That changes now.

According to reports that have been substantiated by Verizon customers, Google Voice customers can now send MMS messages to Verizon customers and vice versa. Although neither Google nor Verizon has mentioned that this is now working, users have reported success for at least the past three days.

This now means that Google Voice can be used as a cell phone number replacement with practically all carriers in North America, and it also indicates that perhaps Google and Verizon are on better terms. (This can be further substantiated by Verizon allowing a new Nexus device onto its network – the Nexus 6.)

I’m glad to see Google getting comfortable with Verizon, as this is a win-win situation for everyone involved, but consumers in particular.