PrimecastPrimecast is an app that allows you to stream Amazon Prime Instant Video directly to your Chromecast, something that Amazon has been either reluctant to, or completely not interested in supporting, especially since they now have their own Firecast competitor to Google’s Chromecast.

Not having an Amazon Prime account, there’s not much I can add to the “it’s there,” piece other than that once again you’re no longer completely stuck in the Amazon ecoverse. So chances are Amazon may come up with a workaround to make Primecast not function in the near future, and that would be a pain as Primecast is not a free piece of software.

Coming in at about $3.00, an Amazon blockade of Primecast could leave users feeling like razing pitchforks and contributing to the deforestation of Amazon, but whether we’re likely to see this or not I do not know. I do know Amazon’s not really been in the mood to get friendly with Google, even though they’re primarily selling devices with a slightly modified Google product.

I also don’t know what the developer’s stance on returning people’s money if you purchase on a Tuesday and Amazon breaks it on a Thursday, however, it is just $2.99

If you’re interested, go ahead and try it out. You’ve got Google’s two-hour window (yes, they changed it back) to try it out, so grab it before attempting to stream a movie and if by the end it’s not for you, return it.

Download: Google Play