HTC Sense browserIn its increasing efforts to move all of its core apps to the Google Play Store, HTC has just released the HTC Sense Browser as a standalone app. This is basically HTC’s skinned version of the standard AOSP browser, and while most Android enthusiasts now use Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, or other third party browsers, a sizable percentage of people just go with what is included in the phone. In other words, this will benefit those people because they will no longer have to wait for system updates to get bug fixes or functionality improvements in the browser – HTC can simply update the app through the Play Store.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Text reflow: Depending on zoom levels, text will be wrapped to fit the width of the screen for easy browsing.
  • Read later: Save an article to read later, even when connection is off.
  • Redesigned interface that’s clean and easy to read.

Of course, this will only work on HTC devices that are already running Sense – no Google Play Edition devices, no Nexus devices, no Samsung Galaxy devices. If you do have a compatible phone and want to update, check out the link below.

Download: Google Play