Windows AndroidComing in at 2.7% of the mobile phone market Windows phones have a lot of catching up to do and that’s what an unnamed source is saying Microsoft is contemplating doing by adding support for the Android ecosystem.

The benefit for Microsoft leaning people would be that they would have access to the Google Play store while Microsoft’s app store comes into its own, and for those who are Android die-hards they’d have a most-likely virtualized and continually updated VM under Windows Phone that would run the latest and greatest Android version without having to see if your carrier is going to handle it.

Whether it would be a good thing for Microsoft is hard to say, as people might decide that MS native apps are amateurish in comparison, or they might abandon Android altogether which would be a boon to MS.

If Android comes to Windows Phones, it most likely comes to any Windows 10 device shortly thereafter. But we’ll have to see.

What do you think about the potential of this, keeping in mind that the unnamed sources could be full of it? Companies like Bluestacks have shown how well Android’s able to run under Windows 7 and up. Is it time to make a multi-ROM capable phone? Does it kill the Windows branding? Is it just a clever way to introduce memory leaks and performance issues into the public’s perception of Android?

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