Recently for RootOne of the big changes from KitKat to Lollipop was in how Android looked when you hit the overview/recents button. Gone were the days when there might be twelve things to choose from, replaced with a near-infinite scrolling pinwheel of apps, websites, and clutter you might have looked at since upgrading to Lollipop.

While you can clear that list with the tap of a button, chances are you might just want to limit the number of applications that can reside in that list, or delete them after so many days as you’re probably not going to really miss a recipe from a website you visited a month ago falling off of the never-ending pinwheel.

Recently has options to show only running apps in the overview, or X number of total entries, or only entries younger than a few days.

The app is free, although you can purchase a pro mode which causes the app to auto-run at startup. As this is by Chainfire, it’s also got a freeloader mode which you can use if you want to verify that it’s something you want or you just want to be a freeloader.

Recent Apps selection in LollipopRecently for Root

Recently is free and available at Google Play.

Download: Google Play