Final Fantasty TacticsBack in 1997 I was living in New York with an improvisational comedian / grad student who had a PlayStation. During that time I discovered a game I could not stop playing called Final Fantasy Tactics. It was one of the best RPG strategy games I’ve ever run across, and although I’m sure someone’s made something similar since then, it’s been effectively out of my life due to my non-PlayStation ways (although I did have a brief dalliance with the Tactics Advance before my Nintendo DS was stolen).

In 2007 Square Enix released a ten-year anniversary edition for the PSP. It was the same basic game as the one in 1997 with some new story, features, and video added. That re-release of the original has now been ported to Android for your enjoyment.

Should you not hear from me for a while, I’m probably not dead, I’ll just be playing one of the most enjoyable strategy games of my youth (well, with the updated 2007 stuff and some new Android features).

The game comes in at $13.99 on Google Play, it’s a hefty price for a game that’s now old enough to vote, one that they’re counting on people who have played it will shell out.

Download: Google Play